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Dr. David Redd, a local surgeon with over 30 years of hospital and private practice experience, does minor surgical procedures in a matter of minutes in his walk-in surgical unit, QuikSurg. QuikSurg overcomes most inconveniences that occur in patients needing minor surgery (local anesthesia only).

  1. YOU SAVE TIME... no long ER waits, no exposure to illness and stressful situations, minimal paperwork
  2. YOU SAVE MONEY... no middleman, less than co-pay in many cases
  3. YOU SAVE YOUR SANITY... who wants to spend the day waiting in the ER and another 2 hours doing tests
  4. CONFIDENCE... that a Board Certified Surgeon is doing the procedure, not a first year resident
  5. AFFORDABLE & AVAILABLE... the first of it's kind to eliminate bureaucracy and focus on personal care


  1. Make an appointment or walk in with your complaint during business hours
  2. Meet Dr. Redd and talk about the procedure and the price (consultations are free)
  3. Fill out a brief history with any medicine and/or allergies you may have
  4. Allow 30 minutes for the procedure (average time)
  5. We accept cash or credit cards... no insurance is filed, no co-pay is collected. You pay only for the procedure, not for all the red tape

We hope you will tell your family and friends about this free market approach to minor surgical care... it is THE WAY MINOR SURGERY SHOULD BE DONE!







Skin Tag Removal - $100 $150
Laceration Repair (Stitches Placed) $150 $200 $300
Repair Torn Ear Lobes - $250 -
Excision of Moles $150 $200 -
Dermal Implant Removal - $150 -
Incision and Drainage of Abscess $150 $200 -
Lipoma (Benign Fatty Tumor) Excision $150 $200 -
Wart Removal / Destruction $100 $150 -
Sebaceous Cyst Excision - $150 $200
Toenail Removal (Ingrown) - $200 -
 Foreign Body Removal (Splinters,Etc) $150  $200 -
 Excision of Skin Cancers $150 $200 -

Note: Prices are subject to change based on the surgeon's discretion given the size, severity and complexity of the procedure. The price will be quoted by Dr. Redd during the consultation and will include all follow-up (suture removal, wound checks, etc.)


  • 1. What exactly is QuikSurg?

    QuikSurg is a new and unique concept in out-patient minor surgical care.

  • 2. What makes it unique?
    • QuikSurg is a minor surgical procedure clinic that will schedule appointments and/or take walk-ins.
    • All procedures are done under local anesthesia.
    • All procedures will be done by a Board Certified General Surgeon.
    • QuikSurg is a cash-based clinic that does not accept insurance or other third party payers.
  • 3. Why do you not accept insurance?

    Many aspects of medical care benefit from keeping the doctor-patient relationship intact and eliminating the "middle man". The costs of the procedures at QuikSurg are considerably less than insurance-based procedures.

  • 4. Why Use QuikSurg and not the Emergency Room?

    For some things (eg, very large and complex lacerations) the ER will be necessary, but for many things, QuikSurg will be much faster and more affordable.

  • 5. Is there an age limit?

    We would like to be able to see all ages but due to the nature of the procedures, we see only those patients who are 12 years and older

  • 6. Can I Use my Health Savings Account at QuikSurg?

    There is no reason why not. You will receive a receipt after your procedure is done that could be applied to your HSA.

  • 7. How is QuikSurg different from the typical walk-in out patient clinic?

    QuikSurg is not a "total care" concept. We will specialize in surgical procedures that can be done under local anesthesia. Most walk-in clinics have general practice doctors or nurse practitioners who do not have the expertise for a surgical clinic such as QuikSurg. 

What Our Patients Say...

  • I had the most amazing experience with QuikSurg today. It was the best doctor/surgeon experience I have EVER had. His staff is so professional and he was so friendly! Everyone I met went out of their way to make this a stress free time which is unheard of when it comes to having surgery.Lisa Howell

  • Best service I've ever had, family friendly, and reasonably priced. Drove down from Nashville to Chattanooga arrived at 4pm was out the door by 5pm. Got test results back in 2 days, not weeks wondering if anything was wrong with the mole he removed. This is exactly how it is suppose to be. Thank you Dr Redd and your staff for such great care.Debbie Riddick
  • So fast! Got me in and out in 20 minutes! Great prices and very sweet receptionists. One of the better office visits I've had in awhile. Dr. Redd was wonderful. Gabby Morris

  • Thank you, Dr. Redd and staff for a great Quik Surg experience! 45 minutes in and out and great results! Highly recommend! Doug Lawrence

  • I went last Friday to have a growth taken off my scalp the size of a pencil eraser. My insurance has a $2,500 deductible, so I was looking for an alternative. My husband had heard about Dr. Redd and QuikSurg on David Tullis's radio show. I was seen the same day I called, was in and out in less than 20 minutes and it cost less than half of the normal copay for the ER. I was thrilled all the way around. I will recommend QuikSurg to everyone I talk to with a small surgery need. Thank you to Dr. Redd and his friendly staff. It was an awesome experience! Tina Mathis Davis

  • Great staff, service & pricing! A great alternative to expensive trips to the ER for minor surgical procedures. Matt Hill

  • The Gold Standard

    When it comes to fast food, it's hard to beat Chick-fil-A. It's typically at the top of everyone's list for those who go above and beyond in service. The restaurants are all clean, neat and employees are always there with a "it's my pleasure." You get the idea it really is their pleasure!They consistently exceed all expectations in the service of their customers and, in doing so, they are a great role model for those of us in the healthcare industry.   Read More

  • Honest Questions, Honest Answers Part 3

    Question #5I wanted to get botox injections, why don't you do botox at QuikSurg?The whole idea of QuikSurg was to be a clinic that did only a few things and did them efficiently, did them affordably and did them well. I am a General Surgeon and I was not interested in opening a spa. (There are plenty of those around!) I am a believer in the Dirty Harry maxim of "a good man knows his limitations," therefore I believe the way to demonstrate that patients are respected is to stay with...  Read More

  • Honest Questions, Honest Answers Part 2

    Question #3What led to the start of this clinic?There were many factors but one of the main ones was 30 years of frustration. I have been a surgeon for that long and in that time I have seen a slow but steady deterioration in many aspects of healthcare. Most important in my mind is the change in the bond between the patient and the doctor.   Read More

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